About Shirat Miriam


According to our Sages,

In the merit of righteous women of the generation, our ancestors were redeemed from Egypt (Sotah, 11b)

It was the women who steadfastly clung to the Ribbono Shel Olam throughout the long and dark Egyptian servitude. Not only did they never give up hope, they made every effort to strengthen their own emunah and to plant those same seeds of belief in their husbands and children. In the process they uplifted the whole nation.

We are told that the final Messianic Redemption will also come about in the merit of the righteous women of Israel:

“All generations are redeemed by virtue of the righteous women of their generation” (Yalkut Shimoni, Ruth: 606)

Ladies, this is talking about every single one of us… not just that big Rebbetzin who has ten kids and gives inspiring shiurim several times a week while running three chesod organizations and constantly saying Tehillim.

We all have the inner potential to be a “tzaddaikis” in our own unique way.

But… to get there we need to learn how to turn around the feelings of anxiety, pain, anger and doubt within ourselves and in others and allow those same feelings to become opportunities that bring us closer to HaShem. We need to learn how to properly respond to the challenges and yissurim (big and small) that surround us and ultimately grow from them. We need to learn how to help others as we are helping ourselves, and most of all, we need to do this purposely with wisdom and understanding, simcha and emunah.

In the process, we can uplift the nation.

That said, Shirat Miriam explores the unique role that Torah observant women have in the this world- a role that today is often misunderstood and unclear. All the ideas here are based on what our sages tell us; I’m just going to amplify them.

Even more than this, my goal is to empower Jewish women to reach their own spiritual potential as individuals, wives, mothers, and daughters, and bring others along with them. In the process, we won’t just uplift ourselves and the Jewish people, we’ll lift up the whole world.

OK, So, Who am I?

My name is Simcha Gittel. I was zoche to become a bal’as teshuva about 16 years ago (the unexpected result of an innocent semester abroad in Israel). I currently live in Israel with my husband and children, and we are a part of the Belzer Chassidis.

All of the Torah thoughts and ideas on these pages I have come to as I have gone through my own growth process. If I say it here, it’s because I’m also working on it on some level. So, no need to feel alone 🙂

Just a final thought that I really want to include over here…

According to the Arizal, the souls of the final generation before Moshiach’s arrival are reincarnations of the souls of the generation of the Exodus (Shaar Hagilgulim, Hakdamah 20).

I whole-heartedly believe with every ounce of who I am (I’m American- we use ounces) that we can be that “final generation.” It’s up to us to create the cailim for HaShem to reveal Himself and bring the much-needed geula. May it happen speedily in our days!

Jewish Righteous Women- Shirat Miriam